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{About Megan}

​Hi! I am Megan Hodge.

I am happily married to my favorite partner in crime.

I am mother of some crazy kids.

I love being a photographer!

​I am a creative person. 

I am a food label reader!

I cherish my family.

We will laugh at our photo session. I am good with kids. I high five a lot. My daughter says I can make friends with anyone.​ 


I have had a camera in my hands most of my life. I started with my blue Fisher Price camera. Poor kids next door, always had to "pose" for me. Still have the pictures. I love action shots.


I studied photography in high school, college and then worked for a few national portrait companies. So I have learned the art of photography on different levels.​

Portrait photography is my favorite. I love working with people. My work has been featured on many photography blogs, such as: I heart faces, The Dark Room and Jackie Jean Photography.

We all have our own stories on how things came to be.

I would love to tell your families story!​​





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